Patagonia Fish SRL CUIT 30-71699414-3

Located in the city of Caleta Olivia, province of Santa Cruz. The company was founded in 2020, in response to a lack of specialized labor in the area, and showing that in high fishing season the demand was higher than the supply of the service.
It was founded by families who had always been involved in the fishing industry, first working on the boats and then owning them, seeing over time the lack of a new processing plant in the city.
Today we have more than 200 employees and process more than 15 tons of fish per day. We have 4 own boats dedicated to catching hake, they are smaller boats that go fishing and unload the fish on the same day, that is, that day the fish is processed, which gives it an excellent quality the same quality as the fish. frozen on board in factory ships.
Our main product is hake, but we also work with squid and shrimp, as they are in strong demand in the market.
We currently trade fish with Brazil, South Africa, USA, battered food production plants, among others. Always in pursuit of growing as a company and wanting to show the world the excellent products it offers our country.

Location of the Office in Mar de plata: Leandro N. Alem 3425 Floor 2OF.B.MARDEL PLATA
Location of the plant: Ypefianos 807. Industrial neighborhood. CALETA OLIVIA.